Company Profile

With more than 50 years experience, DLM offers expert advice, a comprehensive technologically advanced range of products, a substantial stock holding and an extensive branch infrastructure capable of providing skilled technical and sales service.


  • Valves;
  • pneumatic actuators and accessories;
  • instrumentation valves and fittings;
  • control valves
  • safety and relief valves; pressure reducing valves;
  • bursting discs and explosion panels;
  • flame arrestors;
  • strainers;
  • crown, gate, globe, check, ball, ball float, parallel slide and plug valves;
  • thermostatic mixing valves;
  • boiler fittings;
  • associated equipment.


  • Positive displacement, mass and turbine flow meters;
  • mechanical and electronic presets and registers;
  • control valves;
  • additive injection equipment;
  • tanker truck fittings
  • load arms and couplings;
  • overfill prevention and earth bond monitoring equipment;
  • sealed parcel delivery systems;
  • terminal automation systems;
  • vapour recovery equipment;
  • associated equipment.


  • Ultrasonic flow, level and density measurement and control:
  • float and displacer level switches;
  • variable area and pitot tube flow measurement;
  • vibrating fork level switches;
  • boiler level controls and automation;
  • pressure transmitters and associated equipment.
  • refractometers
  • magnetic flow meters
  • water meters
  • thermal mass flow meters
  • flow monitors and meters
  • flow switches


METERMATIC (Pty) Ltd, a South African company based in Johannesburg, is primarily involved in the development, design and manufacture of intrinsically safe electronic equipment and software suitable for and utilized in the international petrochemical industry.  Products include electronic presets and registers, systems for sealed parcel delivery and cross over prevention, additive injectors and controllers, various electronic sensors as well as software suitable for stock accounting and automation purposes. Metermatic’s versatile product range covers equipment suitable for both tank trucks and bulk loading facilities.  Metermatic is an ISO 9001 (2008) company and has gained Atex accreditation for its manufacturing facility.

Our Branches

DLM Branch offices are established in Cape Town, Durban, East London, Rustenburg, Welkom. There is also a branch at Longmeadow Business Park, Modderfontein, Johannesburg, where our head office is situated. In addition to this, we have appointed agents in the smaller cities and some of our neighbouring states.

Facilities are available to undertake repairs to our products at all of our branches. Our Head Office also includes a workshop and test facility to cater for all major repairs, inspection or tests which may be required to recondition our products back to good working order.

Our Products

Some of our products are either completely or partially locally manufactured in terms of licence agreements with our overseas suppliers or according to our own design. We have in-house technicians to service our products and an engineering department that is capable of installing and commissioning turnkey projects.

Our Accreditations

Our SANS 10378 accredited Laboratory Service and Maintenance Division provides countrywide installation and configuration of our equipment as well as on-going maintenance of our installed product base. Our accreditation with the South African National Accreditation System listing certificate number LTF 0057 includes the authority to calibrate flow equipment for point of sale applications in both Petroleum and LPG products.

Our People

Our people are perhaps our greatest asset, and we are committed to providing suitable in-house or external training in order to develop our personnel to their full potential, capability and aspirations. This ensures that our skills are maintained at a high level and that our staff remains competent, motivated and committed to providing excellent service.

DLM is renowned for providing high levels of responsive technical support through an extensive branch infrastructure, and developing and maintaining long lasting working relationships with our customers. Our world leading principals, unrivalled commitment to customer service and our comprehensive investment in stock, ensures that we consistently offer the right solution for all over pressure protection; flow, level and density measurement; and automation and control requirements.