MOGAS unveils online control valve sizing program

FlexSelect is our new control valve size selection process for our rotary control proprietary FlexStream® Technology.

This online program can help our customers determine the appropriate valve and trim configuration for their quarter-turn control valve needs.

After inputting the appropriate data into the program, an estimated sizing configuration will be generated that, if given the proper data, will show the customers the recommended characteristics to meet the requirements for their application.

The program is strictly for the use of control valve applications using our FlexStream Technology.
Control valves utilizing the FlexStream Technology force fluids or gases through a series of right angle turns, providing the ability to control each stage of pressure letdown, while removing kinetic energy from fluids and lowering pressure in a controlled manner.

The trim element delivers pressure reduction, velocity control and noise reduction. Additionally, the tortuous paths in the trim help to combat cavitation and flashing.

As a company we have long been known as a world leader in isolation valve solutions for severe service applications, and, with the addition of our FlexStream Technology, we have begun gaining a leadership role in control valve applications involving severe service.

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