Valves Division

Our Valves Division is one of Southern Africa’s leading suppliers of valves; pneumatic actuators and accessories; and instrument valves and fittings. Our extensive range covers all operating types and is available in a wide variety of materials to suit differing media, pressure and temperature requirements. This enables us to offer products for both general and specialised applications.

We have exclusive distribution agreements with the majority of our world leading Principals who are continually developing new and leading edge products, as well as innovative software to assist in the selection and sizing of valves. The knowledge and expertise of our suppliers together with our experienced sales personnel and superior product range ensures that we effectively address our clients’ needs.

Our wide range includes control, gate, globe, check, plug, ball and ball float valves; as well as strainers and boiler controls and fittings.

Our local manufacture programme includes Rienzi knife gate and non-return valves as well as Hisaka ball valves.

In the field of safety and over pressure protection our range includes a comprehensive range of products to control the pipeline distribution of steam, air, liquids and gasses as well as to protect valuable personnel, plant and equipment.  This range includes safety and relief valves; pressure reducing and sustaining valves; bursting discs and explosion panels; and flame arrestors.  These products are available in a wide variety of materials to suit differing media, temperature and pressure requirements.


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