CASH – Cryogenic Safety Relief & Regulator Valves

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Cash valves

cash_productsCash is located in North Carolina, USA and has been developing and manufacturing cryogenic valves for decades. They are renowned world wide for their quality and expertise in the field of cryogenic gas applications. Cash continues to pioneer new and innovative developments in this field, which are continually delivered to the high standards of quality expected from the demanding industrial gas producers of the world.

A full range of safety relief valves and bursting discs are available to
protect the dewar from over pressurisation.

Several ranges of back pressure and pressure reducing valves are
available to regulate pressure in the various parts of the dewer system.


Strainers, low temperature cut off valves and isolating valves are also
available to complement the above items.

Pressure classes 35 – 16500kP
Sizes from 3mm (1/8″) – 100mm (4″)

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