SAMMI – Slide Type Blind Valves

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Sammi Machinery Co. Ltd is an expert fabricator in the line blind valve and goggle valve industry.

Engineering and designs are based on ASME Section VIII, division1. Spectacle plates are designed based on ASME B31.1 and comparatively checked by API 590. Hazard analyses for line blind valve have been implemented to identify hazards and risks to be detected around applicable valves in accordance with EN 1050 Quality Control.

  • Sliding Type
  • Swing Type
  • Compact Type
  • Non-spill Type
  • Jack Bolt Type

Product range is from DN 20 (NPS 1/2) to DN 1200 (NPS48) up to 1500 LBS (ASME class) for gases, liquids, viscous liquids, slurry, powder, chips and etc.

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