VAAS – Knife Gate Valves and Pneumatic Actuators

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VAAS - Knife Gate Valves and Pneumatic ActuatorsKnife gate valves come in different design variations and the following is a list of options available from Vaas knife gate valves:

  • Wafer, two-lug, full lug and flanged designs
  • Design, face-to-face dimensions and testing generally conforming to MSS SP 81 standard
  • Metal-to-metal and resilient seat options; v-orifice, square and rectangular port designs
  • O-port design knife gate valves
  • Options such as purges and deflection cones
  • Choice of manual, pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuators

Pressure ratings generally 10 bar up to 600mm, lower on larger sizes; special designs for higher pressures

Sizes from 50mm – 1200mm as standard; larger on request