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With over 60 years’ experience, Dupleix Liquid Meters Flow Control (DLM) offers expert advice on a comprehensive range of products. We are renowned for providing the right solutions for over-pressure protection; flow, level and density measurement; automation and control requirements.


The company maintains a substantial stock holding and has a branch infrastructure capable of providing skilled technical and sales service. DLM’s products are either locally manufactured or distributed in terms of exclusive license agreements with overseas suppliers. DLM has in-house technicians to service products, an engineering team that is capable of delivering small projects as well as a workshop and test facility.


The company is ready to offer customers the knowledge and support required. DLM has three divisions, namely Valves, Flow and Instrumentation.   


DLM is committed to real empowerment within our own environment as well as our wider community. Our rating has been maintained through the implementation of our stated policy to pursue and achieve, over a period of time, the following: 


  • Empowerment shareholding and management.

  • A staff composition that closer reflects the broader composition of society.

  • The continual growth of our people by developing their potential through training and skills development as well as career path mentoring.

  • Procurement practices that assist in reaching empowerment objectives.

  • The development of sustainable black enterprises. 

  • Social upliftment.

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