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APLISENS S.A. is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality process instrumentation. From the beginning it has concentrated on electronic pressure and differential pressure measurement technology. High quality, high flexibility and competent support to customers has always been their focus. 


Aplisens produce pressure transmitters using Capacitance type measuring cells, these can be ordered in a variety of materials.

Pressure ranges starting at 0 – 2.5 Kpa to a maximum range of 0 – 1380 Bar.

Various Protocols & Approvals are available as well as Ex models

Pressure Transmitter PC-28.png
PC 28

A Pencil type pressure transmitter with SIL1.

Measuring ranges from 0 – 1380 Bar.

Approvals available include ATEX.

Smart Pressure Transmitter APC-2000ALW.p
APC 2000 ALW

Is a Smart pressure transmitter. The output signal 4 to 20 mA + HART protocol .Certificates and approvals: ATEX, SIL2 / SIL3, MID, Accuracy 0.075%

Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter
APR 2000 ALW

Is a Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter. The output signal 4 to 20 mA + HART protocol .Certificates and approvals: ATEX, SIL2 / SIL3, PZH Choice of linear or elemental processing characteristics.


Point level sensors are designed to indicate whether a liquid has reached a specific point in a container. Continuous level sensors, on the other hand, are used to render precise liquid level measurements. Level sensors can be divided further into invasive and non-contact sensors. Invasive sensors make direct contact with the substance they are measuring, while non-contact sensors use sound or microwaves.

Hydrostatic Level Probe PCE-28P and APC-

Is a Hydrostatic Level Probe with a measuring range from 0…200 to        0…3000 mm H2O

 ATEX Intrinsic safety (version PCE-28P only)

 Smart version – with Hart protocol (version APC-2000ALW/P only)

 Marine certificate - DNV, BV (version PCE-28P only)

Hydrostatic Level Probe SGE-25 Hastelloy
SGE 25

Is a Submersible Hydrostatic Level Probe. All wetted parts made in Hastelloy.

 Measurement range from 2 up to 20 m H2O

 Integrated internal overvoltage protection circuit

 Marine certificate

Smart Level Probe for Pressure Tanks APR
APR 2000

This Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter offers a measuring range from 0...1 mbar to 0...70 bar.
 Accuracy 0.075% with special versions of 0.05% and 0.04%.
 Communication protocol is done by 4...20 mA output signal + Hart

 Intrinsic safety certificate (ATEX, IECEx)

 Explosion proof certificate (ATEX, IECEx)


Head Mounted  Smart Temperature Transmit
Temperature Transmitters

 In Head Temperature Transmitter, PUK style

Galvanic insulation (In, out)

 Programmable sensor type

 Programmable measuring range

 Thermoresistance line compensation

 Compensation of thermocouple cold junction

 Output signal 4…20mA + Hart protocol

 Ambient temperature from -25 to +75 °C

ATEX Certification and

 Intrinsic Safety version

Industrial Temperature Sensors.png
Temperature Probes

 Material of wetted parts: 304ss or 316Lss (other materials on request)

 Process connection: M20x1.5, G1/2", 1/2"NPT, flagnes according to DIN or ANSI (other process connection on request)

 Diameter of measuring insert: 6mm, 8mm

 Minimal immersion depth: 90mm

 Electrical entry: Thread M20x1,5 or 1/2"NPT

 Certificate ATEX

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