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DLM’s quality pressure transmitters are a high performance configurable solution to pressure measurment. The use of DLM’s piezoresistive diffused silicon technology and analogue circuitry enables best in class performance for stability, low power and frequency response.

CS-PT 100

CS-PT100 series pressure transmitters are cost effective products made to industry standards. They are widely used to measure the pressure of gasses and various liquids, and are manufactured in stainless steel.

CS-PT 200.png
CS-PT 200

The CS-PT200 Series is designed for industrial automation process control in various industries with Explosion Proof certification. 

CS-PT 400-2.png
CS-PT 400-2

CS-PT400 series level transmitter has different models available for all types of submersible applications. It’s a highly accurate, compact design, long term stability product with a high resistance to abrasion, oil, acid and alkali based products.

CS-PT 1100

CS-PT1100 series of pressure transmitters feature high quality, high stability, light weight, and a very compact structure combined in one pressure transmitter. The products are widely used to measure pressure of air, gas, oil and water in all process applications, and are used in over 50 countries worldwide.

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