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Hisaka Works Limited (Japan) is a manufacturer of high quality, soft seated and metal seated ball valves for a variety of applications.  As a specialized manufacturer of ball valves, Hisaka are pursuing the "No.1 quality and performance with environmental capabilities and safety". They continue to challenge for new products and services to meet the needs of the times with aggressive ideas toward the future so that they can provide value exceeding their customers' expectations. 


DLM currently manufactures the 2-piece full bore ball valves in South Africa under licence agreement. Ball valves available in 2, 3 or 4 Way.

Soft Seated
Ball Valves 

This model is for general application, and usable for may kinds of industries chemical petrochemical and steel. Top of stem shape is rectangle, therefore it can be protected mis-operation.

Metal Seated
Ball Valves

Hisaka's Metal Seated  ball valve is suitable for powder, slurry, high viscosity fluid, high frequency line, high temp. and so critical application that is difficult to use for soft seat valve.

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