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Corflex Engineering in South Africa have been building pinch valves for the slurry pipeline industry since 1981. Today the company manufactures pinch valves for pressure ranges from low to high. Corflex supply pinch valves suitable for higher working pressure than any other similar valve. Depending on size Corflex Pinch Valves are available for working pressures up to 200 Bar.

Pinch Valve

The Corflex Pinch Valve has an excellent resistance to abrasion and because of this it is ideal for use on slurries. When fully open it is similar to a straight through rubber lined pipe and when closed gives complete isolation.

Nippit Pinch Valve

Ideal Slurry Valve for use in lower pressure applications 10 Bar or less for long life with little or no maintenance.

Slightly pre-pinched which gives a smooth linear flow whilst providing a wide throttling range without turbulence.

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