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Civacon specializes in products and systems to safely load, monitor, and unload petroleum, dry bulk, and petro chemical cargo tanks for the road and rail industries.

Throughout the world, Civacon equipment is hard at work safeguarding against costly petroleum and chemical spills, tank overfills and fugitive vapor emissions. Whether your need is at the terminal loading rack, or outfitting a fleet of tankers or rail cars, Civacon systems set the standard for real-world performance in the most rigorous and demanding applications. If the safe, profitable handling of hazardous liquids and dry-bulk commodities is your concern, trust Civacon.

Manhole Cover

Civacon offers Petroleum Manhole Assemblies for virtually any petroleum tank truck specification and application; specified by oil companies and transport fleets around the world. Civacon petroleum manhole assemblies are available in plated steel and come in standard sizes of 16" and 20".

Bottom Loading Adaptor.png
Bottom Loading

Civacon's Bottom-Loading Adaptors provide the most reliable, most secure and safest loading and unloading of products into or from any cargo tank.

Bottom Valve.png
Bottom Valve

CIVACON’s EURO100-Line Bottom Valves are designed for increased safety, durability and service performance. The EURO100-Line high flow bottom valves are available as Compact 100-1 series, Super Compact 100-2 series, 4” TTMA or TW 100-3 series and T-Shape 100-4 series.

Vapour Vents.png
Vapour Vents

Civacon Vapor Vents are available in both standard and high flow rate designs, providing OEMs with the option to choose the right model to match the design flow rates for each style of cargo tank's unique loading and unloading conditions. The special Crude Oil Vapor Vent is designed to open even under pressurized crude oil tank situations.

CivaStar Advanced Overfill Prevention Se
Overfill Sensor

CivaStar is accelerating the tank truck industry light years into the future. With unique and advanced construction, CivaStar probes are highly reliable and extremely accurate. Plus, LED lights provide real-time diagnostics. CivaStar keeps your trucks on the road and delivering loads.

ROM- Retain and Overfill Monitor

OPW Model 3205E ROM (Retain Overfill Monitoring) monitor secondary overfill prevention system incorporating retained product monitoring used in tank truck loading operations. ROM indicates wet/dry conditions, wire short cuts, grounding conditions and shorted sensors by means of advanced by means of LED and separate display..


The CIVAFLO Single and double Manifold by CIVACON helps improve the quality and performance of your delivery service. Designed to facilitate quick line changes, the product return spout is centrally located and angled to provide for easy connection. A sight glass on the spout allows the driver to see the return product flow to help facilitate accurate product changes

Dust Caps.png
Dust Caps

CIVACON’s 875 API Dust Cap is lightweight, corrosion resistant and designed for the protection of API RP 1004 tank-truck adaptors complying to ADR..

Dry Bulk Products

Civacon specializes in components for pneumatic tank trailers, railcars, chemical and pharmaceutical plants, and any application that requires the processing, movement and storage of dry-bulk including butterfly valves, actuators, aeration systems, relief valves, hopper tees, couplers and manhole covers.

Butterfly Valves.png
Butterfly Valve

Resilient-seated Butterfly Valves from Civacon feature a third stem seal that ensures an absolute seal either externally or internally for vacuum and pressure service. The seats are available in Viton®, EPDM and Civacon's special abrasion-resistant formulated blend of FDA-approved Nitrile, as well as 12 other compounds for increased versatility and operational reliability.

Check Valve.png
Check Valve

Swing Check Valves are designed for maximum flow of air or dry products with minimal pressure drop. The poppet assembly is self-aligning to assure even sealing on the raised vertical seat. The poppet assembly can be easily removed for replacement.

Pipe Couplers.png
Pipe Coupler

 Civacon's coupler  is engineered to meet your needs. A variety of styles include the Bolt Together, Easy Opening and a Durable LST coupler.

The solution is oil impregnated bronze bushings at critical hinge points. Another added solution from Civacon to solve your common problems. 

Pressure Releif Valves.png
Pressure Relief Valve

Take control of your metered deliveries with the all new EM6 Multi Point Controller from Metermatic. The EM6 has been designed to meet the ever changing market demands for flexibility and visibility in tank truck load controllers. Now with GSM/GPRS and GPS as standard, you will know immediately where and how much your Tank Truck has delivered.

Manhole cover.jpg
Manhole Cover

Full opening pressure manhole for rail car/cargo tank/ industrial/intermodal/bulk containers (IBC) — up to 30 PSI

Applications: Salt, cement, dry food products, sand chemicals, crude oil and other general applications with a working pressure less than or equal to 30 PSI.

Hopper Tees.png
Hopper Tees

Civacon offers a complete portfolio of Hopper Tees featuring different materials of construction (both cast and fabricated aluminum & steel) and designs (including standard, low-profile, swing-away & bottom-drop). The wide range of options help meet the specific needs of the operation; from improved ground clearance and lower cleaning times to optimized unloading times.

Aeration System.png
Aerator Assemblies

The SureFlo Aerator is the next step in the evolution of hopper aeration. SureFlo Aerators are the ultimate aerators to fluidize dry powder bulk materials on a variety of systems from silos, rail cars, and hopper trailers to pressure differential trailers.

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