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Sammi Machinery Co.,Ltd. a Line Blind Valve fabricator and machine shop, is wholly owned subsidiary of line blinding technology and products. The SAMMI LINE BLIND incorporates a tough and simple design that has been developed to provide absolute shutoff, long life and trouble-free service with minimum maintenance.

Line Blind Valve.png

One operator turns handwheel and unique gear-set mechanism makes a gap without pipe spreading. By Sliding Blind plate manually, Open/Close Blind position is changed. All blinding process completes within 3 minutes safely and easily. 

Swing Type.png

It take within 3 minutes for one operator to blank a line, operating the handwheel and rotating the blind into place, without line spreading. Again, all inline movement is internal, eliminating the potential for pipe-joint stress.

Compact Type.png

The Compact type is designed for replacement of existing valves, limited F-F dimension or large diameter pipeline applications or limited space for installation. It is designed with a short face to face, and has tapped bolt holes for easy installation between flanges. The compact design also reduces weight and requirement for extra pipe support.

Non-Spill Type.png

Non spill type of Line Blind has good advantages in Oil terminal & offshore applications where is limited installation space and marine pollution is strictly prohibited. The 3 sides covered body & compact design prevents ground pollution and it allows to install at parallel pipe lines.

Jackbolt Type.png
Jack Bolt

The traditional style of line blind offers a broad range of pressures and a lower cost. The basic standard for line blinding for many years. After turning 3~7 jack bolts around the body to make a gap by round bar or wrench and then change the blind plate position. Pipe line needs to be spreaded for operation.

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