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A complete range of non-reclosing pressure relief devices, from simple conventional designs through composite assemblies to top-of-the-range reverse buckling discs.

The Marston range of bursting discs provides reliable and cost-effective pressure protection for any pressurized system, particularly in chemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, plastics and rubber industries. With a broad range of material options and accessories, these can be used as primary safety device to give almost instantaneous pressure protection, in parallel with other pressure safety devices, or also to protect a safety valve against corrosive or viscous process media. 

  • For low pressures

  • Metals but mainly PTFE and PFA

  • Usually non-fragmenting

       depending on material

Flat Symbol.png
Reverse Buckling.png
Reverse Buckling
  • Dome directed towards process

  • Works in compression

  • Usually non-fragmenting

  • Accepts lower operating range

Reverse Buckling Symbol.png
Forward Acting.png
Forward Acting


  • The ‘original’ disc

  • Burst on tension

  • Fragmentation

  • Very high pressures possible

Forward Acting Symbol.png
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