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MASCOT is a well-established manufacturer and supplier of Control Valves, Shut-off Valves, Desuperheaters and Pressure Reducing  Desuperheating Stations(PRDS). The company which is promoted by experienced technocrats and backed by technical know-how from one of the world leaders in the field of Control Valves, has been in operations since 1972.

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Globe Control Valve

Superior performance in liquids and gaseous services is the hallmark of the GFlo Globe Control Valve. Easy, quick and economical maintenance makes the GFlo Globe Control Valve more user friendly. GFlo has the thrust capability to shutoff against higher fluid pressures as it can handle up to 150 Psi / 10.30 Bar air supply

Butterfly Valve

The high-performance DiskFlo Butterfly Valve is used to achieve bi-directional bubble-tight shutoff while maintaining low breakout torque at high and low pressure drops. The high-performance DiskFlo Butterfly Valve uses pressure assisted Jam-lever toggle seating concepts. 

Ball Valve

The VFlo – Segmented Ball Valve is designed to provide effective control for demanding applications. It is a rugged design segmented ball valve which overcomes the problems of harsh, particle entrained processes, and fibrous/unclean services. The VFlo also provides accurate, reliable control in a broad range of applications, such as Chemical, Power and Oil & Gas, Petro-Chemical & Pulp & Paper.

Eccentric Plug Valve

The EFlo offers a high performance rotary globe valve which provides precision control over extended life span through enhanced safety. The MASCOT EFlo is a high performance, safety focused, economical, yet feature rich, Eccentric Rotary Plug control valve for applications demanding higher rangeability, precise control and higher flow capability

Flush Bottom Valve

The MASCOT FlushFlo is used at the bottom of large tanks / digesters and driers to discharge the processed fluid to a further process.

The inlet and outlet flange is completely customizable to the customer’s tank and it is available in a varying angles of 90°, 120° & 135°.


DeFlo - Desuperheaters offered in Mechanical and Variable type offer the versatility to meet the demands of any steam desuperheating requirements.

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