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Founded in 1967, Precision Industries (now Precision Mass Products Pvt. Ltd.) is one of the most recognized manufacturer of wide range of Pressure and Temperature measurement instruments in India, more renowned known by its brand “MASS”. “Mass” has established this reputed brand image by offering highly durable, robust and proven products to premium customers in various industrial sectors.

Pressure Gauges

GFB1 Industrial PG.png
Brass PG

Model GFB is aimed for pressure measurement of economical applications such as Pumps and hydraulic machinery. Dial Size options ranges from 63 to 100mm. Accuracy: 1.6%.

100_ZPS Process PG.png
WSP Process PG

Model WPS has been designed for accurate process pressure measurement in Chemical & Petrochemical industries. Accuracy: 1.0% optional 0.5%, Dial size from 100 to 250 mm

PG121 Utility Gauge.png
 PG Utility Gauge

Model PG120/121 designed for Utility pressure measurement in heating and ventilation, machine and apparatus construction as well as pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Dial size range from 40mm to 250mm and Accuracy: Grade B / 2.5% / 2.0%.

Temperature Gauges

Bimetal Temperature Gauge

Model BMT series offer exceptional temperature measurement with a wide selection of stem diameter and lengths as well as an Every-Angel connection. Dial size range from 63 to 150 mm,

Differential Pressure Gauges

Differential pressures are commonly used in industrial process systems. Differential pressure gauges have two inlet ports, each connected to one of the volumes whose pressure is to be monitored.

D201 Magnetic Piston DPG.png
       D201 Magnetic         Piston DPG

D201, Magnetic Piston Differential Pressure Gauge is the most widely used differential pressure gauge for measuring pressure drop across filters and strainers, also suitable for demanding OEM applications.

D101 Single Diaghragm DPG.png
      D101 Single       Diaphragm DPG

Model D101 Max. static pressure 25 bar Nominal size: 100 mm (4”), 115 mm (4.5”), 150 mm (6”) ASME B40.100 / EN 837-1 / IS-3624 Accuracy: Class 2.5 (2.5%), optional 1.6 (1.6%).

Diaphragm Seals

 The flexible nature of this seal allows pressure effects to cross the barrier but not the material being contained. Common uses for diaphragm seals are to protect pressure sensors from the fluid whose pressure is being measured.

DS50 Screwed Diaphragm seal  all welded construction.png
DS50 Flanged
Diaphragm Seal

Model DF20 ASME B40.100 Features  Metal diaphragms with Teflon gasket  Removable top and bottom housing  Variety of wetted parts materials.

DS20 Screwed
Diaphragm Seal

Diaphragm seals threaded types Model DS20 ASME B40.100.Metal diaphragms with Teflon gasket Interchange components Removable top and bottom housing

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