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Metermatic, a wholey owned subsidiary of DLM, manufactures intrinsically safe electronic equipment, systems and software packages that are predominantly used in the Petrochemical Industry for both truck and terminal fuel loading applictions.

Preset Controller

Take control of your metered deliveries with the all new EM6 Multi Point Controller from Metermatic. The EM6 has been designed to meet the ever changing market demands for flexibility and visibility in tank truck load controllers. Now with GSM/GPRS and GPS as standard, you will know immediately where and how much your Tank Truck has delivered.

Vehicle Monitoring

The SCS-400 is a Sealed Parcel Delivery (SPD) system which effectively secures your fuel from loading to delivery in accordance with EN15208. The system provides detailed and accurate information both locally on the tank truck as well as live remote viewing via our SCS Analyser web software regarding the details of the load and any changes in the load status. The SCS400 System only requires power from the truck tractor which enables larger flexibility for your fleet.

Fuel Overfill Monitor 

Metermatic's heavy fuel overfill prevention controller has been designed and developed using the latest in flameproof (Exd) and intrinsically safe technology conforming to SANS/IEC60079-0, SANS/IEC60079-1 and SANS/IEC60079-11 specifications

SAM image.jpg
SAM Accounting

Developed with Metermatic’s extensive knowledge of terminal operations and with constructive and indispensable input from oil company managment and supervisors, the Metermatic SAM system is the answer to problems experienced in managing petroleum terminals.  SAM records and displays all product movement in easy to read formats and has a real time summary screen to allow personnel to determine at a glance stock balances.

SAM Automation

SAM Automation is a web based system which has been designed to operate as a stand alone management system for single depots or in multi depot environments.

Terminal Management System

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