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For more than 100 years Birkett safety relief valves have been installed to protect process plant and equipment from the potentially disastrous effects of exceeding a design pressure.

The effects of exceeding safe pressure levels in an unprotected pressure vessel or system can have catastrophic effects on both plant and personnel. Safety relief valves should be used to protect any pressurised system from the effects of exceeding its design pressure limit. A safety relief valve is designed to automatically discharge gas, steam, vapour or liquid from any pressure containing system, preventing a predetermined safe pressure being exceeded, and protecting plant and personnel.

WB series.png
WB Series

Spring loaded safety relief valves with a full lift and full nozzle to relieve excess pressure safely in a variety of process vessels


Safety and Thermal Relief Valves.

B Series: (gas/vapour)
C Series: (liquid)
D Series: (gas, liquid and steam)


Pop action and modulating pilot operated safety valves with a unique full nozzle design and dimensions to API 526

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