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DLM hold South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) 10378:2012 accreditation and have in-house technicians who are qualified Verification Officers for the following services: 

  • Piston Prover Verification

  • Test Measure Verification

  • Mass Verification


Facilities are available to undertake minor repairs to products at all our branches country wide. At head office we have a workshop and test facility to cater for all major repairs, inspections or tests which may be required.

  • Metering Systems on Bulk Delivery Vehicles

  • Metering Systems on Bulk Loading Gantries

  • Metering Systems on Road and Rail Decanting Systems

  • Earth and Overfill Systems on Delivery Vehicles

  • Additive Systems 

  Repair Body: LM-P-045-09-19 and legal meterlogy Act,2014. for the repair function of volume measuring instruments.


A number of our products are either completely or partially locally manufactured in terms of license agreements with our overseas suppliers or according to our own in-house design. DLM’s engineering department is capable of installing and commissioning turnkey projects.


DLM's technical team offer support services for equipment supplied by our flow division.



Petroleum, Chemical, Transport, Mining Aviation and Lubes 

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