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Flow Monitors


The parent company in the Group is Eletta AB. Eletta has two business areas, Measurement & Control. The two divisions have production facilities, warehouses and sales offices in Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, France, China and India.

Eletta has been producing flow monitors for the past 70 years and has a strong reputation for longevity, derived from robust design and precision and is well suited to rugged industrial environments.

PR1 paddle Switch.png
Paddle Switch

PR1 liquid Flow Switch is suitable for applications with limited demands on accuracy. Its speciality is full flow or no flow. The lowest possible set point in a 50 mm pipe is appr. 100 l/min, the set point increases accordingly with larger dimensions.

SP-G Liquid Flow Switch.png
Liquid Flow Switch

SP-G comes in dimensions DN15 and DN20. You have the possibility to chose the set point from 1,5 l/min up to 30 l/min. The set point is calibrated from factory but can be changed by exchanging the pressure plate.

S- Series.png

The S-series have a large and easy readable dial of 130 mm which is clearly visible even in a harsh and dusty industrial environment.

M3 Wafer.png

M3-series from Eletta is a unique product. Three modes in one instrument: Gas, Liquid and Differential Pressure.


The D2 and D5 is equipped with a 4-20 mA output signal as well as local alarms and HART protocol. A linearization possibility of the flow  curve is built in and can be programmed by the use


The V Series comes without local indication as standard. A small indicating window can be quoted as alternative. V series has one micro switch set-point, it is adjustable within the flow range of the monitor.

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