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Buracco are independent manufacturers, who design and manufacture a wide range of high performance valves - Soft Seat Butterfly Valves, Double offset butterfly valves, Triple offset butterfly valves and Fire Safe check valves. Their customized solutions meet a wide range of customer needs and regulatory standards that apply to a number of different markets.

High Performance Butterfly Valves

8000 Series.png
8000 Series

High performance buttefly valves customized solution. 

Top Tech-Customized solution.

Cryo Tech-cryogenics.

7000 Series.png
7000 Series

High performance buttefly valves.

Metal sealing  valves 

Inter Tech-Utilities

Power Tech- Industrial Process

May Tech- Heavy Duty Application.

6000 Series.png
6000 Series

High performance butterfly valves.

Metal sealing compact valve

Inter-Tech Utilities

Omni-Tech- Industrial Process 

Pyro Tech- Fire Safe 

5000 Series.png
5000 Series

High Performance Butterfly Valve. 

RPTFE seat 

L-Tech- Utilities 

F-Tech - Industrial Refrigeration 

T-Tech - Bituminous Binders 

Lined Butterfly Valves

1200 Series.png
1200 Series

Lined  Butterfly Valve 

Process line- Customizable valves 

EP line- Off Shore. 

900 Series.png
900 Series

Lined Butterfly Valve

Servi line- Utilitites Valve.

Agro Line - Food Industry. 

Thermo Line- High Temperature Valve . 

Carbu Line - Hydrocarbons Industry .

Abra line- ABrasive Fluid. 

GAZ Series.png
GAZ Series

Lined Butterfly Valve

Maxi Gaz- NF Gas Valve 

Mini Gaz- Compact gas certified valve. 

600 Series.png
600 Series

Lined Butterfly Valve

Clima line- Building Services Valve

Axio-line- Building Services Monitored Valves. 

Protec-Line- Fire Fighting Apsad Valves. 

Reg-Line - Boiler Cascade Valves.

Acsi-Line - ACS VALVES. 

Check Valves

Check valves are two-port valves, meaning they have two openings in the body, one for fluid to enter and the other for fluid to leave. There are various types of check valves used in a wide variety of applications

Dauphin Series

SERIES DAUPHIN check valves are designed with robustness in mind. The double offset technology is particulary popular in the Oil & Gas industry and energy sector, especially for high-pulsed and turbulent regimes.

Separfeu Series

Separfeu -BE tank  inlet valves are designed for the fire protection going into storage tank. They clos eon their own under the effect of gravity in an event of abnormal increase in temperature.

CLA Series

CLA Series Customized Solutions 

CLA MOT- Automatic Controlled

check valve.

CLA AMO- Self damped check vales. 

Car CS.png
CAR Series

The SERIES CAR-CS non-return valves are designed to meet your requirements in terms of simplicity and reduced size.

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