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For more than 30 years, ELSONT has been supplying the oil industry. Decades of expert knowledge and continued contact to operators of tank farms and refineries gives ELSONT the edge over competitors. ELSONT is ISO 9001:2000 and SCC** and EN1090 certified, and all products are manufactured to strict quality standards. Manufacturing of our products is based in modern facilities in Seoul, Korea and Europe.

Aluminium Dome Roof.jpg
Aluminium Dome Roofs

Compared with carbon steel roofs the geodesic aluminium roof is light-weighted, non-corrosive, is easy in handling, is simple and fast to install, at low costs and has a long life expectancy. These facts make an Aluminium Dome a great investment and the right decision.

The ELSONT Heavy Duty Geodesic Dome Roof is the result of over 25 years of experience in practical tank equipment gathered and realised by ELSONT engineers.

Pontoon Internal 
Floating Roofs
Floating Roofs.jpg
Pontoon Internal Flaoting Roofs

ELSONT’s IFRs are based on a solid frame structure; the pontoons do not have main mechanical functions. The support legs are fixed directly to the rigid framework and not to the pontoons. Their IFR is strong enough to walk on at any time. Loads up to 460 kg/ft² are no challenge.

Seals for Floating Roof Tanks

ELSONT provide seals with the best available technology, with or without wax scrapers, normal or low profile to maximize your tank volume. Up to six different primary seals and secondary seals with a low profile are part of our portfolio.

Gauge Pole Covers.jpg
Gauge Pole Covers

Gauge pole covers are to be installed when tank is being operated. Then there is no loss in filling height, you do not pull it over, you wrap it and close it with a zipper. Also available with anti-static properties.

Floating Suction Lines and Skimmer s.jpg
Floating Suction Lines and Skimmers

SwingMaster™ central type swing joints are constructed in rugged cast iron/ductile iron with plain Ni-Resist bearings (copper free).  They are internally and externally epoxy painted for Jet A1 service. 100% cast stainless steel joints are available to special order.

Drainage System.jpg
Rainwater Drainage System

These are designed to skim off a layer of hydrocarbon liquid floating on top of water. Essentially, a skimmer is designed to remove the top layer of a two-phase liquid stored in a tank. Line sizes are usually 3 or 4 inches, although Matrix Applied Technologies can manufacture larger sizes.

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