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Matrix designs and manufactures top quality storage tank equipment for improve storage, emission reduction and product containment.  Matrix Service Company is the parent to four divisions that provide engineering, fabrication, construction and maintenance to the energy and industrial markets.

Geodesic Domes

The FlowDome™ incorporates decades of tank equipment design experience into its ultimate geodesic dome design.

You’ll see that it offers particular protection against potential leak points including dome hubs, main panel seams, & roof penetration points such as gauge poles, walkways or other tank appurtenances.

Pontoon Internal 
Floating Roofs
Stainless Steel 
Internal Floating Roofs

The Stainless Steel IFR incorporates durability features designed to provide maintenance-free operation of the main structural elements. It is ideally suited for use on tanks in earthquake-prone regions or where tanks are subject to sloshing and/or turbulence due to high fill rates.

Internal floating roof- panel.png
Full Contact Internal 
Floating Roofs

Innovative in both form and function, our precision engineered Full Contact Honeycomb Internal Floating Roof (IFR) eliminates design issues that have historically plagued the industry and still exist with other IFR brands on the market today. Unlike other brands, Matrix Applied Technologies’ IFR allows for increased tank capacity, minimal evaporation, improved fire safety, and extended service life with minimal maintenance.

Floating Suction Line.png
Floating Suction Lines

Suction lines are commonly used for aviation Jet A-1 and Avgas tanks. Suction lines can be used in power plants, crude oil collection tanks or anywhere the quality of the product to exit the tank is an issue.

Swing Joints 

SwingMaster™ central type swing joints are constructed in rugged cast iron/ductile iron with plain Ni-Resist bearings (copper free).  They are internally and externally epoxy painted for Jet A1 service. 100% cast stainless steel joints are available to special order.


These are designed to skim off a layer of hydrocarbon liquid floating on top of water. Essentially, a skimmer is designed to remove the top layer of a two-phase liquid stored in a tank. Line sizes are usually 3 or 4 inches, although Matrix Applied Technologies can manufacture larger sizes.

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