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V-TORK Controls is a professionally managed ISO 9001:2008 compliance certified company which is involved in the design and manufacturing of both Uni and Bi Directional Knife Gate Valves mainly used in slurries, pulp stock and corrosive fluids.

Uni directional Wafer Type Knife Gate

Designed to handle heavy slurries, pulp stock & corrosive fluids. Features a single cast body with a heavy duty stainless steel gate & replaceable metal or resilient seat. 100% Leak-proof, longer life & greater reliability.

Bi-Directional Knife Gate

Designed to handle pressure or flow from either directions. In the open position, the valve  offers maximum flow area and minimum resistance to flow. In the closed position there is no raised seat in the flow path.

B540 2.png
Slurry Knife Edge Gate

Designed to handle harsh abrasive & corrosive slurry media. Its' heavy duty stainless steel gate and removable sleeves on either sides of the gate, provide a full port Bi directional bubble tight seal and high wear resistant.

B720 2.png
Single piece Rugged Bi-Directional  Knife Gate 

Features full port two piece replaceable metal reinforced elastomer sleeves. 100 % Tight shut off against tough slurries. Provides bi-directional flow and isolation. Suitable for wet or dry. Unobstructed flow eliminates turbulence and pressure drops across the valve.

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