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Vaisala design and supply specialized in-line liquid analyzers and process refractometers for Paper & Pulp evaporators, Sugar Vacuum Pan & Evaporator Processing,  industrial process instrumentation and control. Previously known as K-Patents. K-Patents is part of Vaisala’s Industrial Measurements Business Area.

Vaisala, a global leader in weather, environmental, and industrial measurements, has finalized the merger of the K-Patents Group, a pioneer in in-line liquid measurements for industrial applications. Following the completion of the acquisition, K-Patents Oy and Janesko Oy, K-Patents' research and development organization, have ceased to exist and operations have moved to Vaisala. 

Liquid Measurements

Vaisala K-PATENTS® provides process refractometers for accurate in-line refractive index measurements to improve oil and gas refinery operations such as interface detection at gathering and transportation operations, sulfuric acid alkylation, amine gas treating, gas dehydration and lube oil production.

Pharma Process Refractometer.png
PR-23 Series

The Vaisala K-PATENTS® PR-23 Series helps to control the concentration and to assure the critical product quality attributes. The PR-23 Series is the most widely found applications.

PR-33 Series

The Vaisala K-PATENTS® PR-33 is a digital Sanitary OEM Refractometer mainly aimed at the food industry.

this unit operates autonomously and is monitored via Ethernet/LAN.

General Compact Process
PR-43 Series

The K-Patents Refractometer PR-43 Series operates autonomously and covers a wide variety of applications. 

Communication and monitoring is done via Ethernet/LAN.

Sanitary Compact Refractometer.png
Sanitary Compact

K-Patents Sanitary Compact Refractometer PR-23-AC provides accurate means for measuring Brix and liquid concentrations in hygienic installations and in small pipe line sizes.

Safe Drive Process Refractometer.png
Safe Drive

SAFE-DRIVETM Process Refractometer PR-23-SD is a complete heavy duty system for measuring black liquor solids content in kraft chemical pulp mills.

Refinery Probe Refractometer.png
Refinery Probe

K-Patents Process Refractometer PR‑23‑RP sensor is factory calibrated to measure refractive index nD and temperature T in standard units.

SeedMaster System

The SeedMaster Crystallization Transmitter and Seeding Device was designed to provide all of the vital information required to control the process of sugar crystallization on an unprecedented level. 

One SeedMaster can serve 2 vacuum pans simultaneously.

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