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For more than 60 years, LARCO has been manufacturing a complete range of products for liquid storage tanks. Its design offices and its knowledge of the industrial environment of petroleum product storage have enabled it since the beginning to be a major interlocutor of the petroleum and chemical world.

Optic Sensors.png
Optic Sensors

LARCO's optic sensors are used when the glass cone is not immersed in the liquid, the optical signal is reflected entirely towards the transmitter.

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IFRs are durable and overcome the many design problems that exist in other well-known brand IFR’s. When the concern is “whole of life cost,” our quality engineered heavy duty IFRs offer tank owners the best possible value for money.

Docil Overfill Protection Sensor.png
Docil  Overfill Protection Sensor

The DOCIL C 400 probe is the only system on the market with a built-in “real time” functional testing device; the product stored in the tank is injected into the device.The probe test is performed with the tank in operation; there is no need to dismantle the probe.

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