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Okumura’s (OKM) unique general purpose soft seated butterfly valves offer long service life due to both low friction and torque. Okumura high performance valves are suitable for specialized services up to 450° C.


OKM offers a diverse lineup of marine butterfly valves. Each product embodies superior technology and various advancements.
OKM’s valves are designed for use in a variety of situations, including tankers and chemical-carrying vessels. Each product can be selected according to its designated purpose.

5420 Series.jpg
5400 Series

The High-performance 5400 series maximum service pressure of 2.0 MPa and a service temperature up tp 400°C. Compact, lightweight design with cross rib-shaped thin disc with added strength space-saving design with no piping complications. Lost wax structure for an even more beautiful appearance. Self-sealing mechanism ensures tight shutoff


The OKUMURA 616 Butterfly Valve features a patented “Touch” seat design that works together with an S-shaped disc to provide smooth, dependable bubble-tight shutoff and and extended service. The design accommodates working pressure up to 16 bar (232 psi).

606 Series.jpg
606 Series

Highly reliable double-flanged butterfly valves for ships and general industries. The 606 can be installed directly to the end of a pipe and to the side of a ship. A primary seal between the disc and seat and a secondary seal between the stem and the seat ring ensure a tight seal when the valve is closed.

Butterfly 612X and 615X.jpg
612X and 615X Series

A product that offers merits through its performance and economical feature. It also reduces torque requirement through its unique OKM seat structure which make it possible to have longer seat ring life.  

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