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The Horne range of thermostatic control valves for steam, hot water and cold water systems are manufactured in bronze and provide reliable temperature control for commercial and domestic applications. Supplying directly to end users, the people utilizing and living with our products, They maintain close links with their customers and specifiers and thus are able to respond quickly to the changing needs of their markets; adapting and refining our product designs or inventing new ones to attend specifically to emerging issues.

Steam and Water mixing valve.jpg
Steam and Water Mixing Valve

The HORNE Steam and Water Mixing Valve is capable of providing up to 50L/min of instantaneous hot water between 50-85°C for rapid filling of vats and tanks, including industrial washing machines, and for wash down applications in the food, beverage, dairy, brewing and other manufacture and processing industries.

Control Valve

The EA-1 Steam Control Valve provides temperature control in hot water storage calorifiers, tanks, industrial washing machines and process heat exchangers.

Steam Injection Haeter.jpg
Injection Heater

The HORNE SIH Steam Injection Heater is suitable for rapid heating of tanks, vats or other hot water vessels. 

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