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Midland manufacturing is committed to continually supply the most durable and reliable valves and level measurement devices for the railroad, marine barge and ISO container markets.

They offer the broadest range of products amongst all tank-car-fitting suppliers on the planet. Its team of engineering specialists and technical-service professionals continually develops innovative products for any application in partnership with its customers and industry associations. Because of this approach, Midland products are recognized worldwide for performance, reliability and quality.

Gauging Devices.png
Gauging Devices

Midland Gauging Devices feature superior component engineering, resulting in long, carefree, accurate operation. The lightweight float provides superior reliability and accuracy with low specific gravity applications such as LPG or Butane.

Bottom Outlet Valves.png
Bottom Outlet Valves

Outlet ball valves are available for many applications in both low profile and standard profile styles.

  • Easy to use — valves open and close fully with only a quarter turn.

  • Unrestricted full port opening allows high flow rates for faster unloading.

Safety Relief Valves.png
Safety Relief

The Smart-Flow's lower flow rate minimizes product loss and environmental challenges, while providing excellent durability in a pool fire.

Vacuum Relief Valves.png
Vacuum Relief

The latest innovation in vacuum relief valve technology for rail tank cars is the Midland "No Step" vacuum relief valve.

Unique seal design eliminates the possibility of using incorrect materials or performing improper installation.

Needle Valves.png
Needle Valves

Needle Valves used for sampling valves complete your pressure car package and keep operators safe by allowing sampling of the lading without opening a larger transfer valve.

ang 3d.png
Angle Valves

Tank cars equipped with Midland Top-Transfer Angle Valves stay in service longer and are more easily maintained, for more efficient and productive operations. Midland elevated seat design permits self-draining without concern for trapped product or accidental release.

Miscellaneous Products.png
Miscellaneous Products

A complete range of car accessories is available, including thermowells, air connections, saddles, caps, plugs, nipples, and more.

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