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Cerlic instruments for on-line measurement and control are characterized by a high degree of quality, functionality and user-friendliness to provide information you can trust. They develop their products according to ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards.


Cerlic CBX is a reliable stationary sludge blanket meter that detects sedimented or thickened sludge at various levels in waste water treatment plants.

ITX 20.png
ITX 20 

The ITX Suspended Solids Sensor is the ultimate tool for effective process control. The sensor is used for continous measurement of suspended solids in aeration basins (MLSS).

CTX 2050

The CTX flow-through sensor is used to measure suspended solids in liquids. Combined with the BB2 control box, the sensor is used to measure fiber and particle consistency in the pulp and paper industry.

Multitracker Portable central unit.png
MultiTracker-Portable Central Unit

Is a portable instrument for measuring parameters in Water or Wastewater Treatment Plants as well as other industries. Sensors are available for measuring sludge blanket, suspended solids and dissolved oxygen.

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