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Delta Mobrey Limited is a global specialist in the design and manufacture of temperature, pressure and flow process control instrumentation, with particular expertise in level and boiler control.

Boiler Control Level

Boilers will typically work at high pressures, as low pressure operation will result in carryover of water. High pressure steam has lower specific volume, which will allow pipes to carry less weight. In effect, distribution of steam becomes easier and cheaper due to the cost reduction in piping and insulation. Industrial process applications use steam at a lower pressure.

Sequencing Blowdown valve.png
Sequencing Blowdown Valve

The Mobrey Sequencing Blow Down Valve( SQBDV) main function is to test and clean the boiler level control equipment during the blow down procedure.

Boiler Level Controls
boiler level controls.png

Boiler Water Level Controls are designed to control the flow of feed water into the boiler as well as switches alarms and shuts of the boiler in Low low water conditions.

Inductive Modulator Control Box

The Mobrey modulating level control is designed to control the flow of feed water to the boiler in proportion to steam demand and uses the change in boiler water level as the load detector.

  Modulating   Control Valve

This valve controls the amount of feed water into the boiler. the modulating system comprises of 3 individual units which modulates the water level in boilers.

Hydrastep SS.png
Hydrostep Boiler Drum Monitoring System

With diagnostics to detect all fault conditions and over 6,000 installations globally, the Delta Mobrey Hydrastep™ 2468 steam drum level monitoring system for water tube boilers provides a critical fail-safe to detect low water levels in steam-raising applications.

Continuous Level Measurement

Universal Controller DMCU900

The MCU controller and gap sensor when used together provide an ultrasonic point level liquid switch. Typical applications include sludge blanket level detection in settlement tanks.

Ultrasonic Transmitter DMSP

Mobrey Ultrasonic Level and Flow Transmitters are your cost-effective solution for reliable level measurement instrumentation. The Mobrey MSP900SH is ideal for enclosed wet wells and sumps.

Mobrey Hydrostatic level transmitters Se
Hydrostatic Level Transmitter 9000

The Mobrey 9700 Series range of tank mounted transmitters provide you with precise and reliable level measurement solutions when in-tank foaming, vapor layers, and temperature gradients prevent use of other instrumentation.

Ultrasonic Transmiteer.JPG
Ultrasonic Transmitter DMSP422

The Mobrey DMSP422 ultrasonic level transmitter is designed to be mounted above a liquid and uses ultrasonic pulses to continuously measure the distance to the liquid surface.

Point Level Switches

Point level switches are used to detect when the medium has reached a predefined level. Point level switches are typically used to control low or high levels switch points in a tank or vessel to prevent equipment damage, over spill, loss of valuable fluids or service interruption

Vibrating Rod
Vibrating  Rod.png

The vibrating rod level switch is the perfect solution for single point level switching in free flowing solids across a wide density range, from fine powders to grains.


A single rod design provides the solution to tuning forks which may become blocked or bridged.

Mobrey Dry Products Paddle Switch.png
 Dry Products 
Paddle Switch

The paddle switch may be used as either a high or low level limit switch. It is easily mounted through a vessel wall.


A small electric motor drives a paddle which rotates freely in the absence of material.

Mobrey Magnetic Level Switch.png
       Magnetic          Level Switch

 Mobrey float level switches are rugged, robust, and trusted globally for their long-term reliability in the harshest of environments and the most hazardous areas.

Ideal for industrial applications such as pump control and high or low alarm duty on tanks and pressure vessels.

Displacer Level Transmitter 

For critical area applications or general purpose control you need to trust that your level switches won’t let you down.

Mobrey float and Displacer level switches are rugged, robust, and trusted globally for their long-term reliability in the harshest of environments and the most hazardous areas.

Mobrey Ultrasonic Gap Level switches.png
Ultrasonic Gap Level Switches

The Mobrey 003 switch is designed for high or low level alarm duties to give a voltage-free contact or solid state transistor output for alarm signalling or as part of a pump control system.

Point Level Switches

230 Pressure switches.png
230 Pressure

Precision stainless steel mechanism for arduous atmosphere and highly humidity. Set point adjustable over the whole range against calibrated scale   with tamperproof adjuster. 

Weatherproof and flameproof models ATEX and IECEx. Safety vented design as standard. 

VM Pressure Swicth.png
VM Pressure 

Volume series (Ex d / WP).

The Model VM pressure switch is suitable for setpoints between 0 and 700bar with maximum working pressure up to 1000bar. 

 Accuracy : 1% setpoint repeatability. ATEX flameproof EExd IIC 2 GD. 

PO3- Pressure Switch Senetry Series.png
   P03 Pressure Switch- Sentry Series

A screwed lid gives the user  quick access for connecting to the integral terminal block or for set-point 


All sentry models models come with a safety vent to prevent the enclosure becoming pressurized in the event that the sensor is in advertently damaged by excessive pressure. 

202 Pressure

Adjustable Dead-band-Performance series. The model 202 pressure switch is suitable for setpoints between - 1bar and 75bar with maximum working pressure up to 1000bar. 

Also available with hygienic connection. 

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