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Habonim is committed to engineering, manufacturing and supplying superior products and providing excellent personal service to customers. They take pride in incorporating quality, innovation, reliability and safety into our products. They provide the best professional solutions for the most demanding industries, including oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and mining.

control valves.png
Control Valves

Habonim control valves are designed to meet the highest industry requirements for precision, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and ease-of-use in flow control systems of the most difficult environments. Habonim Control valves and packages are compact, lightweight, durable, provides high Cv and long life-span.

Flanged Valve 77X, 77P Series.png
Flanged Valves

Habonim’s rugged flanged valves provide high durability and exceptional performance even under the most extreme conditions.

The Habonim line of flanged valves includes end connections that comply with ANSI B16.5 class 150 and class 300 (in both standard port and full port) and EN 1092 (DIN flanged valves) PN16 and PN40 in full port.

cryogenic valve.png
Cryogenic Valves

Habonim’s Cryogenic Ball Valves work well under extremely low temperatures and in the harshest of environments, they exhibit high flow capacity, tight shutoff, energy efficiency and long service-free life. Habonim’s cryogenic valves are used in air separation plants, LNG storage, distribution and transportation, aerospace, petrochemical and medical industries.

Standard Valve.jpg
Standard Valves

Standard offering of an all-in-one high-end industrial valve featuring a "Total HermetiXTM Integrity package", to provide higher levels of integrity to cover the most demanding applications, with a unique set of capabilities.

habonim-high-pressure- valve.jpg
High Pressure Valves

The Habonim high pressure valve series is based on a floating ball valve technology, specially built for endurance and reliability with a design pressure of up to ANSI Class 2500 (414 bar/6000 psi). The high pressure valve series delivers reliable performance in the most demanding applications in the oil & gas, offshore drilling platform, petrochemical and the power industries.

MultiPor 61X 62X, 61P 62P Series.png
Multi-port Valves

Multiport Valves are primarily used to simplify pipe and valve systems by replacing multiple two-way with a single multiport valve. They minimize dead legs,optimize drainability, simplify validation and have a reduced envelope profile for easier installation

Metal Seated Valve.jpeg
Metal Seated Valves

Habonim’s tough line of metal seated valves excels in the harshest industrial environments, where valve failures can damage plant efficiency, reduce profitability and endanger safety. Habonim’s meticulously engineered metal seated valve can withstand the harshest applications and process conditions, including extreme high temperature, high pressure and abrasive medium.

Diverter Valves.png
Diverter Valves

Diverter Valves are used to split or combine process flows, or to switch medium among different pieces of process equipment such as pumps, filters or whole pipes. Diverter valves provide reliable high flow rates in the most severe operating conditions, including vacuum conditions.

Trunnion Valves.png
Trunnion Valves

The Habonim trunnion mounted valve series is specially designed to endure the harsh conditions of the oil & gas and petrochemical industries. The robust design tolerates the heavy loads applied to the valve trim that result from of large sizes, high pressures and dynamic temperature cycles.

Habonim Pnuematic Actuators & Accessories

The COMPACT actuator is a quarter-turn rack & pinion pneumatic actuator that doubles the torque of standard pneumatic actuators. The superior performance is achieved by Habonim’s patented four-piston design, which generates torque around a centrally located piston. This translates into double the power for the same size actuator or half the size for the same amount of power. Habonim aim to offer their customers the full solution.  

Pneumatic Actuator.jpg
Compact Pneumatic Actuators

The COMPACT has four small cylinders, each located on one of the four sides of the cube. The smaller pinion and shorter travel distance of the pistons in the COMPACT requires less air pressure than a larger double piston actuator to produce the same torque output. The end result is faster response times for emergency shutdown, lower air pressure for operation and reduced maintenance.

Impact Spring Assist 2.png
Spring Assist

In a failsafe actuator compressed air inside the actuator preloads the springs. During normal operation, each time the solenoid valve is tripped the compressed air is released into the atmosphere through the solenoid valve’s exhaust port. The patented IMPACT™ unit diverts part of this energy to the spring chamber in order to boost the torque of the actuator by at least 50%.

Breather Block

The Breather Block isolates the actuator’s internal parts from the corrosive/abrasive surroundings by allowing only dry and filtered instrument air to flow into the spring chamber during the actuator’s spring stroke. The Breather Block’s exhaust port only allows air to flow out of the spring chamber and prevents outside air from flowing in.

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