MOBREY MEASUREMENT – Density and Viscosity

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Mobrey EquipmentIndustrial densitometers built to tackle the most difficult and demanding process and metering applications.  Rugged and reliable with very low maintenance, they have become the industry standard for on-line density measurement.  Based on resonant frequency technology, vibrating fork and tube sensors for pipes and tanks are designed to handle liquids and slurries, including highly aerated fluids.

As a highly sensitive indicator of change in product quality, viscosity is increasingly recognised as one of the most important industrial process measurement parameters.  Our products are replacing many existing technologies and are being used in applications where previously only laboratory measurements could be made.

  • On line tube type & vibrating fork type liquid densitometers
  • Gas density and specific gravity measurement
  • Ultrasonic solids density control
  • On line vibrational viscometers
  • Rotational viscometers

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