A Success Story!

thumbnewsed-6033_1221124618In line with our philosophy of “teach a man to fish rather than just giving him a fish” DLM has prioritised education and skills development to ensure that previously disadvantaged youth have the opportunity to take part in the economy. To date we have assisted a number of previously disadvantaged youth in obtaining their qualifications by providing financial assistance.

“30th January 2012: It has just been confirmed that I have completed my BSc degree here at the University of Pretoria so I would like to take this moment and thank DLM for helping me in achieving this. I definitely would not have achieved this without your tireless efforts throughout my years of studies. I think the difference between me passing and failing was your non-hesitation in helping students like me.” said Thabang Maphutha who has obtained his BSc Geology degree.

We congratulate Thabang and look forward to the continued success of all of “our” students.