DLM Introduces Eltav Wireless Monitoring

Dupleix Liquid Meters Ltd (DLM) is delighted to announce that it has been appointed the exclusive distributor in South Africa for the Eltav Wireless Monitoring system. Eltav Wireless Monitoring Ltd. is focused on offering a revolutionary concept of remote valve monitoring in the plant.

Eltav has developed a new and innovative concept of monitoring valves in the process automation world using the most advanced, safe and reliable wireless technologies.

Eltav’s innovative solution of remote monitoring is based on low cost wireless units, called Valve Devices (VD) which transmit real-time data on the position and other parameters of the valve, thus enhancing yield and productivity.

Eltav’s wireless system is an end-to-end solution of a sensors network used to monitor various types of valves, operating in the process plant. Eltav’s system provides operators in both the control room as well as in the field with a comprehensive picture of the valves’ performance status in real time.

Traditionally, valve monitoring has been expensive and cumbersome. In contrast, Eltav’s wireless solution utilises low cost equipment, fast installation, easy operation, effective diagnostics and maintenance. It is also compatible with current conventional instrumentation. This allows for the development of new possibilities in control and accountability.

System Description:
The Eltav wireless monitoring system consists of:

  • Valve devices (VD) that are attached to an actuated or manual valve to monitor its status and report wirelessly.
  • A network of Valve Device Routers (VDR) that transfers the monitoring data from the VD’s on a wireless MESH network to the tunnelling VDR.
  • Tunnelling VDR (TVDR) – Last hop VDR that transfers collected data from the VDR’s network to Eltav Gateway. Several TVDR’s can be connected via TCP / IP to Eltav Gateway.
  • ELTAV Gateway which is an industrial computer that manages the ELTAV system.
  • ELTAV Management System (EMS) which is a software management tool that monitors and reports about the valves’ position and health status. The EMS provides data in common industrial standard connections to the HMI, DCS and PLCs on site.
  • Operator Device (OD) which is a handheld device that is used by the process line operator for setup and local data retrieval.

Industrial Safety

The Eltav solution improves safety and security in your facility. Eltav’s solution continuously checks compliance with company’s safety and security policies. The system reports identified irregularities, in real time.

Standard and Classifications

The Eltav solution is based on the ZigBee standard protocol, and is designed to comply with the new industrial wireless standard ISA-100. 11.a, and will be adapted to Wireless-HART. The system complies with the requirements of FCC, CE, ATEX, and HAZLOC (Zone 1).

Proactive Maintenance

Eltav’s solution continuously monitors the performance quality of the valve and actuator. This critical function reduces down time and maintenance costs due to early detection of potential malfunctions in the process.