MOGAS Offers Unprecedented Performance Guarantee

Effective 1st July 2011, MOGAS Industries will offer an unprecedented application specific Performance Guarantee on their metal-seated isolation and control valves. Most industrial severe service valve warranties are limited in scope and are only for materials and workmanship. MOGAS will offer a Performance Guarantee, plus a Lifetime Warranty on materials and workmanship. This is a significant change within the valve industry. Whether it is the rising costs of raw materials, feedstocks, precious metals or finished process fuels, the unstable demand and supply market is forcing plants to increase their run time.

“After discussions with many of our customers across all industries, we feel this leap in coverage will assist with their operations and maintenance planning,” said Mr. Louis Mogas, Chairman. “We want to truly partner with them in expanding their plant’s reliability, safety and efficiencies.”

MOGAS is able to offer this important change due to more than 38 years of R&D, coating improvements, proven manufacturing techniques and application experience. Years of continual valve performance analysis, field reports and statistical service data from around the globe provide the information required to offer such a program.

This unique Performance Guarantee gives operators the confidence they need to ensure the functionality of the valve from turnaround to turnaround. “Mogas has always provided excellent responsive service to our customers,” said Kevin Engle, VP of Service. “And now this will give an additional proactive component to that high level of service.”

A targeted Performance Guarantee will not only assist with operations, but with long-term total cost of ownership for these critical control and isolation valves. Unplanned outages and shutdowns greatly affect the economics of any refinery, power station, underground gas storage, slurry pipeline or chemical plant. By offering this unmatched Performance Guarantee, MOGAS will give the various industries a new position from which they can improve their plants availability and structure their long-term maintenance budgets.

About MOGAS: MOGAS Industries engineers and manufactures metal-seated severe service isolation and rotary control ball valves for the most extreme industrial applications with high temperatures, high pressures, corrosive, abrasive and erosive environments. MOGAS has provided reliable on/off, isolation, drain/vent and control solutions to the oil and gas, LNG, pipeline, power generation, refining and mining industries for more than 38 years. MOGAS valves range in size from ½ to 36 inch and are available in ASME 150 – 4500 pressure classes. Larger sizes, special applications and unique material requirements are available upon request.